Knitwear Care + Repair

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A surprising fact. Merino keeps you warm when you’re cold, and cool when you’re hot! Just ask the Bedouin tribes of the desert where there is extreme heat and extreme cold. Australian superfine merino - It’s all that you need to lead a stylish yet nimble lifestyle.
Wear and enjoy!


The big secret. You almost never need to wash your items! Seriously. Sounds strange, but its not... Wool does not retain “odours” and so, unless you have spilt leek soup or red wine on your sweater or wrap, just put it on a coathanger, and hang it outside in the fresh air for a day.

Bingo! Fresh like new. It’s true, amazing but true.


Extremely well-made HOLOS merino knitwear can be hung. For sure. On a coathanger.
In my house, if it’s not hanging it doesn’t get worn. Out of sight and all that...

Maybe not a wire coat hanger, but a nice one. HOLOS knits are made to last, and that includes being hung up so that you remember it is there, and choose to wear it. So hang away... but maybe not your inexpensive knits from other places...

Let's talk plastic. Fabric moths can't eat plastic! SO? When you are no longer hanging and wearing your knit, simply get your sweater or wrap into the ziplock bag that comes with it, and voila! No more moth holes. Crazy but true.

No time to fold it beautifully? Are you a bloke? Just stuff it in the bag and get it closed. The Australian superfine merino is so elastic that once you take it out and put it on, any creases will soon disappear. So there are really no excuses. Get it in the bag!

Travelling? Or just leaving home and want to have your wrap with you just in case you go out later? Put it in the HOLOS luxury knitwear chic little pouch! And then in your handbag... That way no keys, or hairbrushes or lipstick, can harm your woolly friend.

Washing. You actually did spill leek soup or red wine on your beloved piece? And now you will have to wash it. Easy! Either hand wash (don’t know how? phone your Mum or your Gran, and they’ll tell you about those Scottish or Italian pieces they bought 30 years ago that they still wear...I still have some of them too!).


Put it in a mesh bag, and into a front loader, set the time ideally to 15 minutes, set the temperature ideally to zero, and set the spin ideally to 600 or less (or close approximations of the above). Use LIQUID wool wash detergent. Why? Because powder detergent causes abrasion. Not consistent with softness... Turn on and wash away.

Drying. When it’s finished, place on a towel and lay somewhere flat to dry. The dining room table works beautifully.

Ironing. Oh alright then, if you have to, but make sure to put a damp tea towel between the hot iron and the beautiful fibre. Or are you economical with effort like me and prefer not to iron? Put the jumper on, off you go to that stylish dinner party, and your body heat will do the rest. Well-groomed perfection soon follows.

OOPS. You and your HOLOS luxury knit came in contact with some nasty Velcro, or a metal zip and now you have a pull, or worse still a hole? Not a problem! You can call us on 0414 25 25 26, fill out the contact form on this page, or email us at

We have the most incredible maintenance and repair service, and a phenomenal invisible mending team (true story). Soon your piece will be back to new. You actually won’t believe it. Wear and repair, that is our mantra.

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